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Phase One: Initial Consultation

At ShadowDezign Web Design and Web Development, we believe that nobody knows your business better than you do. The goal of the ShadowDezign team is to create a custom designed web site to reflect the specific essence of your unique business or homepage. ShadowDezign will work closely with you, communicating with you throughout the entire process of our work.

Understanding your clients and your business, not to mention, your expectations, is the most effective way to the goal of creating your PRESENCE on the World Wide Web.

It is fundamentally important to establish an open line of communication and trust to accomplish our goals. Whether it be by creating your first logo or creating a multipage mega web site, the principles are the same.


Phase Two: Establishing the Character

Through visual mock-ups, such as flow charts and storyboards, we will develop your envisioned web site.


Phase Three: Strategy

We make a list and a schedule for, both, you and us of obtaining the contents and other items so that the material gathering goes easier and more organized.

Communication is paramount. This way everyone knows the objective and significant dates to keep on schedule.


Phase Four: Inspiration and Invention

Our designers and developers constantly provide you with input to get the desired product you to express yourself. You will be able to review and approve each step in the concept process.

This saves you and us time and avoids any misinterpretations. You will review drafts of your Home Page and a general design concept before actual development begins.

This promotes a more dependable beginning.


Phase Five: Development

Primed with design and functionality concepts, guidelines, an approval of the layout and all the content for your web site, we are ready to put it all together.

During each step, you will be able to review the work and we welcome your input. At this phase, everyone is a member of the team, especially you.

This way everyone knows that expectations are being met.


Phrase Six: Evaluation

Your web site will be subjected to many tests during its development. Before the final approval the site will be tested for everything we can think of.

During this phase, you are the most important member of the development team by also testing the web site. Once the testing concludes and you give approval, we go onto the next phase.


Phase Seven: Presence

This is where your web site goes online for the rest of the world to admire. This is where we do "tweaking" and search engine optimization.

We will never leave you abandoned.