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What benefits Will You Get?

Your web site meeting 508/WAI compliance:

  • Makes your web site accessible to people with disabilities

  • Increases audience and attracts new users and customers

  • Reduces your risk of lawsuits

  • Gives your organization a positive public image

  • Prepares for new technologies

  • Allows you to perform transactions with the government

For more information about Accessibility guidelines and standards:


Place of Public Accommodation

There is the issue of the applicability of the ADA to the World Wide Web. Is a web site on the World Wide Web considered a "Place of Public Accommodation?"

Actually, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has stated that it considers a web site on the World Wide Web is such a place.


Examples Of Some Accessibility Solutions

  • Color blindness
    (user control of style sheets)

  • Deaf
    (captioned audio portions of multimedia files)

  • Blindness
    (appropriate markup of tables, abbreviations, and acronyms; synchronization of visual, speech, and Braille display)

  • Dyslexia
    (use of supplemental graphics; freezing animated graphics; multiple search options)

  • Aging-related conditions
    (magnification; stopping scrolling text; avoiding pop-up windows)

  • Cognitive disability
    (clear and simple language; consistent design; consistent navigation options; supplemental audio)

  • Deaf-blindness, seeking entertainment
    (user control of style sheets; accessible multimedia; device-independent access; labeled frames; appropriate table markup)

  • Repetitive stress injury
    (keyboard equivalents for mouse-driven commands; access-key)

  • Photosensitive Epilepsy
    (Develop appropriate commands (such as using the Esc button) to turn off blinking, flickering, or movement on the web page. Additionally, when style sheets are turned off on the user's browser blinking, flickering, or movement will not appear on the web page. Do not use the BLINK or MARQUEE elements.)

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